Hi, first of all:  THANK YOU so much for this brilliant Plugin!
... so easy thought, so easy made and so easy to implement^^ :-)
According to your logfile it seems as if my [NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M] is not recognized by HiaAlgoBOOST, although it is obviously working fine in the game.
1) I'm playing Skyrim ( on a laptop with a nVidia card plus an integrated Intell4000 (i7).
2) TESV.exe, SkyrimLauncher.exe and skse_loader.exe are manually set to be only run by nVidia.
3) SSME's "d3dx9_42.dll" and a custom "d3d9_speed.dll" are loaded by HiAlgo-Proxy settings.
4) In Skyrim.ini, SkyrimPrefs.ini and RendererInfo.txt the settings are correct  ... sD3DDevice="NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M".
I load also other DLLs through "HiAlgoBoost.ini", their successfull loading is confirmed in your "d3d9.txt" logfile. Anyway, none of them is related to any choice between present GPUs (same result, if I disable/remove the Proxy).
The really strange thing is now: In your logfile "HiAlgoBoost.txt" only the Intel4000 is ever mentioned:
02/02/14  23:30:35Attaching to process...
02/02/14  23:30:35======== GRAPHIC ADAPTER ============================
02/02/14  23:30:35Device Descr   : Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
02/02/14  23:30:35Vendor Id       : 0x8086
02/02/14  23:30:35Device Id       : 0x166
02/02/14  23:30:35Device SubSysId : 0x10B81462
02/02/14  23:30:35Device Revision : 0x9
02/02/14  23:30:35Device GUID     : {D7B78E66-4226-11CF-717D-B530B4C2C435}
02/02/14  23:30:35-------- DRIVER -------------------------------------
02/02/14  23:30:35User-friendly name : nvumdshim.dll
02/02/14  23:30:35Driver version     : 0xD0AA3
02/02/14  23:30:35=====================================================
02/02/14  23:33:17Detaching from process...
I have by now tested every setting, every combination ... just everything I could find.
Even disabled the Intel4000 in the Device Manager ... very bad idea! Forgot that it's not onboard, but onchip.

So, this is the end of my little 'report' ... Do you have any suggestions? Is this a feature ;-) ? Does it matter anyhow, because HiAlgo is working really fine? It's just, something seems not right... Could HiAlgo work even better, if it recognized the real card? Questions over Questions!
Thanks for your SUPER thing, there!

P.S. I thought, maybe HiAlgo is loading too fast, taking the 'current' GPU as target - which is in this case the Intel4000 drawing the desktop. I was trying to let SKSE load HiAlgo a little later, but I found no possibility. A parameter like "Wait a sec... = x" would be nice to ensure it's focussing on the gameing GPU.
Will try something like that later, when messing around with ENB. Right now I try to set up a really clean, basic Skyrim with only fixes and performance enhancers.
Hi Chris,

it is not that "HiALgoBoost does not recognize Nvidia card", HiALgoBoost simply reports what card the game "thinks" is currently used.

If game thinks it is talking to an advanced card, like Nvidia, the game can use more efficient commands and get better performance. Sometimes the card fails to process these more efficient commands correctly, and you see visual defects. For such cases HiALgoBoost provides a workaround: in HiALgoBoost.ini you can set 

SAFE_MODE1 = true

and then HiALgoBoost will fool the game into thinking that the graphics card is generic, not advanced.

If you did not set this flag, HiALgoBoost does not affect choice of graphics card in any way. And if the game is really using you integrated Intel GPU instead of Nvidia, then you are not getting optimal performance. [frown]  This should be fixed.

I did not fully understand about your d3d9_speed.dll and other settings. It may be useful if you post content of the [PROXY] section of your HiALgoBoost.ini, and the content of d3d9.log...
Hi QuiteReluctant, thanks for the fast response!
And Sorry for my late response ;-) I have only time at the weekends.

I was trying something different, that worked for me: I use a modfied d3d9.dll which tricks every hook into believing I have a completely different card, a GeForce 8800 GS. The performance is better and I load HiAlgo via Proxy... and because it's loaded first, as regular d3d9.dll, any hook believes it.

To your suggestion:
1) Yes, I had already tried SafeMode, also loading HiAlgo via ENBseries' proxy, with a fake videocard enabled. In both cases it sets "ENB" as graphics adapter in "RendererInfo.txt", with really bad performance.
2) The d3d9_speed.dll I mentioned was the said fake nVidia DLL.

#Now I load...:
directly > d3d9.dll (former d3d9_speed.dll, a fake Geforce 8800 GS)
enbseries.ini > ProxyLibrary=d3d9_hialgo.dll (your HiAlgo DLL)
HiAlgoBoost.ini > ProxyLibrary=d3dx9_ssme.dll (former d3dx9_42.dll for SSME, just renamed)

21:58:27 Loaded C:\Windows\system32\d3d9.dll!
21:58:27 Loaded d3d9 API.
00:27:09 Detaching from process...

Attaching to process...
======== GRAPHIC ADAPTER ============================
Device Descr   : NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GS
Vendor Id       : 0x10DE
Device Id       : 0x292
Device SubSysId : 0x37010DE
Device Revision : 0xA1
Device GUID     : {D7B71E3E-41D2-11CF-9653-7A2300C2CB35}
-------- DRIVER -------------------------------------
User-friendly name : aticfx32.dll
Driver version     : 0xA20F8
CreateTexture failed. Format = 1396921934.
Detaching from process...

I see an error there at the bottom "CreateTexture failed. Format = 1396921934.", which appears not, when the Intel4000 is chosen. But I see no ingame errors, so I'm fine!

If you have time to answer something else, I had one more question:

I've read a post, where, instead of creating a step-by-step proxy-chain, it is also possible, to rename custom DLLs (for post-shaders and other things) to the typical "xinput" and "dinput8". But if I do so, HiAlgo interprets them, finds out they are something else, and prevents the game from starting.
On the other side, if I delete them, nothing happens and I can start the game...
Can I somehow prevent HiAlgo from interpreting them?


Is compatible with Intel HD Graphics 2500?