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Left side of screen missing. Lorbenia Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim 29 2
by Lorbenia
Lower the resolution when staying still ArmaGhely2 General 4 0
by ArmaGhely2
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hialgo HiAlgo BOOST 2,864 123
by Ayumu
update faq fyrftrj HiAlgo BOOST 6 0
by fyrftrj
Whitelist & Blacklist SpringPalmYeti HiAlgo BOOST 20 2
by SpringPalmYeti
Changing the locked resolution from 50% to something else + some enb issues. breakwarp11 HiAlgo BOOST 6 0
by breakwarp11
Can i run hialgo boost in csgo after start it whit a launcher? Lorenzo02r HiAlgo BOOST 7 0
by Lorenzo02r
Can i run hialgo boost in csgo after start it whit a launcher? Lorenzo02r HiAlgo BOOST 5 0
by Lorenzo02r
hialgo works on overwatch? brawgames HiAlgo BOOST 42 1
by brawgames
Problems with the game overlay. Rairiku HiAlgo SWITCH 12 0
by Rairiku
Warface. Kacelkinis HiAlgo CHILL 4 1
by Kacelkinis
Is there a way to have the dynamic resolution go down to 75% instead of 50%? Draaxus HiAlgo BOOST 17 1
by 35hunter3456
Please help me 35hunter3456 HiAlgo BOOST 11 0
by 35hunter3456
Can run Paladins with hialgo? flokislak HiAlgo BOOST 14 0
by flokislak
games do not open vdevictor HiAlgo SWITCH 10 1
by vdevictor
Can someone test Hi Algo on Black desert ? fantasmax9 General 9 0
by fantasmax9
Ac2 Still doesn't work for me! Zockerkind1 HiAlgo SWITCH 12 0
by Zockerkind1
Problem with Direct3DCreate9 called more than once. Asura HiAlgo BOOST 78 0
by Asura
How can I make HiAlgo Boost work with Dota 2? Aren HiAlgo BOOST 22 0
by Aren
Odd problem with Skyrim controls while using HiAlgoboost Sraine HiAlgo BOOST 26 2
by Sraine
Fallout 3 Freeze dhemdhem HiAlgo BOOST 20 3
by QuiteReluctant
Norton Internet Security Quarantines/Automatically removes all HiAlgo Downloads. colesdav General 39 3
by QuiteReluctant
Unable to move mouse cursor in-game
1 2
trxter HiAlgo BOOST 3,014 20
by colesdav
Games.ini - How to add games? Rudi91 HiAlgo SWITCH 1,721 5
by QuiteReluctant
WildStar and ini lucastome17 HiAlgo BOOST 29 7
by HiAlgoBoost