For some reason my mouse won't respond whenever HilgaBoost is on? It comes back the second i deactivate it.
Also as a side note, is this compatible with a controller? I'm using ps4, DS4 windows as it feels more organic.
1. This happens to some gamers, but very rarely. Usually, this is because of conflict with some software they installed.
2. We have no experience with ds4windows, unfortunately. [frown] 

So, you are on your own - try to experiment!

BTW, are you using Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim (v. 2.3c) or universal BOOST v 5.0? (I am asking, because you posted this in Legacy HiAlgo BOOST forum).

If you are using the old version, you can simply try uninstalling it and installing BOOST v 5.0.
If you are using hialgo Boost 5 or a higher version, try running it as administrator, it works for me.