Sadly, program doesn't detect my game when I launch it, because game first starts background services where Boost trying to inject. If you press Not Inject then Boost will not ask you to inject in the game main exe after all services started. Game name: Ring of Elysium. I will be glad if you will take a look into it and make update for your program.

You say that two separate processes start when the game starts: first a background service, and then the game itself, and Boost tries to inject only into the first process.

1. In general, Boost is supposed to try injecting itself into all processes. 

2. Sometimes it needs a "hint" to inject into specific process. You need to add the name of the main executable
    into Games.ini file. See this FAQ:


    This may help.

3. If not, you can try  running program called DbgView. It is a free program for debugging:


    It shows debug messages from all programs running on your computer, that send such messages.
    Boost also sends such messages, in particular about its attempts to inject into different processes.
    This may help to figure out what is going on.