Mr. Wolfy_
I understand that there are several topics on this already, but I need some more information. 

I have a fairly bad computer. 35 FPS average. It feels uncomfortable at times. I started seeing HiAlgo as an option months ago, on LowSpecGamer's video. I thought about it and decided, "Nah, I'm not going to risk my account." And then, yesterday, I decided "Screw it, Ima use it on my ALT account."

I say HiAlgo BOOST is an amazing software, helped me a lot. After a day, no VAC ban. I figured, maybe? I did some intensive research, and I saw a lot of people claiming it does not VAC ban you. Then, I see a very few claiming it banned them. It might be a 95%/5% difference but that means it's not guaranteed safe. However, they can be lying as well.

One Happening:

This is a great software for people with low-end pcs'. I hope this gets fully supported or I think, whitelisted (is it called?). Like Overwolf. Being supported probably would make HiAlgo popular.

Much thanks, Wolfy_ <3