Hello Hialgo community,

I figured you might be able to help me here since you guys published the Optimus Fix and have compatibility for ENB. I have re-read and redone the instructions found on this site, and on the Nexus forums to get everything working a hundred times. I've been trying for about a month and still no luck.

Basically, I don't like the injector version of ENB. I'd SO much rather use the wrapper. But I have an Optimus laptop. [frown] So what I've been trying:

Install latest wrapper ENB from boris. Rename his d3d9 to d3d9orig.dll
Install Hialgo. Name Hialgo d3d9 to d3d9hialgo.dll
Instal d3d9 from the optimus fix. leave the file name as-is.
In enblocal I add d3d9hialgo.dll as proxy (with the proxy setting set to "true" of course)
Add tesv.exe in NVIDIA control panel to use high performance card.
Run normal skyrim launcher, but don't start the game. Then exit.

But then when I start up the game, the ENB text at the upper left hand corner tells me it's still using integrated graphics. This is the same whether I start the game up through the defaul launcher, or with SKSE

I also tried not using Hialgo and only the wrapper and the Optimus Fix just to remove a variable for testing. Still didn't use my high performance.

I also tried adding every single .exe file in the Skyrim folder to run with high performance graphics in NVIDIA control. Same result. [frown]

I can just give in and use the injector version, but at this point I'm actually curious. I like solving things and learning from my mistakes with modding so I actually enjoy this kind of stuff haha.

Just one last sidenote: I only want ENB for ENBoost. I have had great results with it before. I have graphic modifications turned off in enblocal, and only the speedhack turned on.

I'll continue my search for a fix, but if anyone has any info on what I might be doing wrong, I'd love if you could give me some input [smile]

Thanks so much!

1. In your description of the steps taken, under "So what I've been trying:" -- it seems you did everything correctly. I guess, you understand these things better than me. Kudos!
2. To solace: the ways by which the game chooses discrete or integrated video card are mysterious and not well understood by humans. [smile]
3. There is a chance that the game reports the integrated card, but in fact uses the discrete one. Can you tell it, based on the performance?
4. I would direct your question to HiAlgoBoost, he might have some insights.
"not well understood by humans" Lol thank you for making me laugh good sir.

And I just checked your 3rd point because I hadn't thought of it before. Unfortunately I had an fps of like 3 so it's definitely still using integrated haha. 

Thanks for the response [smile] I'll keep on trying!
marbai wrote:
"...I'll keep on trying!

OK, so here very few tips I can give you:

1. Keep using OptimusFix + ENBoost only, without HiAlgoBoost, just to have fewer variables (as you said).
2. There is a chance that updating drivers for your graphics cards can help.
3. As you most likely know, when you start Skyrim via Skyrim Launcher, the launcher checks your video card, and if it detects change it shows a window, saying that it is going to determine best settings for the card. This way you know even before starting game whether your manipulations brought any change. So, you can experiment starting with injector, with wrapper, with and without OptimusFix -- all the combinations...

Good luck! Please post if you learn something. [wave]