Hi there,
I run  Skyrim on AMD 1gb HD7770. Also have ENBBoost 2.40 (no graphic fx) and runs well with HiAlgoBoost.
The only issue I have,- really minor- and it's probably card related anyway, is that in loading up Skyrim map with the local explorer map enabled, one can get a yellow border. This doesn't affect the display of the contents of the local map, howeverl. Pressing tab and reloading the map cures the problem.

From your excellent FAQ: "Specifically, yellow screen may be caused RadeonPro's FPS counter." Don't run this.

It's very rare to find such a quality product with top-notch assistance, and this supporter is very happy to see you have extended your support to Oblivion. It desperately needs it!
Thanks a lot! [smile]
Yes, this yellow border may appear sometimes, if the mouse was moving at the same moment when the map was opened. We are working on the new engine for BOOST, so this bug will not be fixed right now.

But it is important that you let us know. Thanks a for the post, and for your praise - it helps us a lot. [love]

We moved your post from General forum to the freshly created Hialgo BOOST -- Skyrim. Thanks for helping us wit the new start!