Hello everybody,

we are starting this forum with intention that it will serve for discussing technical aspects of using HiAlgo products.

Currently we envision the products in three categories, BOOST, CHILL and SWITCH. With time, there would be even more categories or - who knows - maybe less.[confused]

So, good luck to all of us![smile]
Hi Hialgo,
Thank you very much for amazing job [thumb] !
Hello, will you be making Boost available for Elder Scrolls Online too? That would be awesome! [biggrin]
osmiumbin wrote:
Hello, will you be making Boost available for Elder Scrolls Online too? That would be awesome! [biggrin]

We do not know about online rules for The Elder Scrolls. The concern is that players using injected code are often banned from the game because they might use some cheating. HiAlgoBoost has nothing to do with cheating, but it is also getting injected, so you may get banned, even for life. [mad]

So, if you have any info about it, please let us know!
Hello again. I have contacted ESO Support about your software.
This is the message i have received. 

Email 1:


Thank you for contacting The Elder Scrolls Online Team!
We haven't made any announcements about what sort of third party software you would be allowed to have running, when playing ESO. So therefore we cannot confirm whether you would be allowed to use this software, not yet at least.
I have forwarded this question from you so that it will be looked into, because this sort of third party tool would probably end up being very popular, especially if someone is trying to play ESO on a computer that is struggling with the FPS.
We sincerely apologize for not being able to give you a more specific reply at this moment. Rest assured when we can clarify what software will be allowed and what won't, it will be put up on our website.

Email 2:


This is the 2nd email I am sending you about this, please ensure you read both of them [smile]
So I found a little more info on this topic. You mention specifically that this software uses an injector, that means it changes gamefile and that would not be allowed, so if you use this software then you may end up getting your account suspended or even banned, because of the scripts catching you for it.
We fully understand that this tool would not give you any advantage over other players who don't use it, but any software that changes or affects gamefiles would be considered to be a hack or cheat and therefore I strongly recommend you do not use it.

What do you think? I'm not sure about the injector thing. Boost does't have a .exe injector like Chill or ENBInjector.exe from ENB series, but it uses d3d9.dll library. Is that bad too?
Hey osmiumbin,

First, lots and lots of thanks!
Second, it is nice to see optimistic outlook in ESO's first response ("
this sort of third party tool would probably end up being very popular", ha-ha!).
Third, it is clear from their second response that you explained them the situation very well ("
We fully understand that this tool would not give you any advantage over other players").

Now, about "changing or affecting gamefile": I am not sure what exactly they mean, but injection does not change any files saved on disk - be that EXE or DLL binary file, settings file or saved game file. So, there still might be a hope! Maybe you can inquire further?

As for distinction between two options, "injecting DLL on fly" and placing DLL into game folder, they are similar; although injecting may be considered more intrusive by the game providers.

Thanks again! [thumb]
Also - we would like to start developing for ESO. Can you ask them if they could include us in their Closed Beta? We applied, but didn't hear back yet...

Thanks in advance! [comp]
Thank you for your excellent application, HiAlgo Boost has really helped me enjoy Skyrim on my old PC.

Any chance of having an option to reduce the screen to a widescreen format so that time can be saved by not rendering the top and bottom black borders? If this could work It might help me keep a higher resolution whilst playing.

It would be nice if it could work, but I can see that it might need to trick skyrim into using a different field of view when rendering compared to what it would expect from thew default screen size.

Would it be possible to insert some masking triangles to enable some form of occlusion culling to reduce the amount of rendering.

I know, I'm clutching at straws, offering suggestions when I wouldn't even know how to start achieving it. But if I can dream it, maybe there is someone out there that knows how it could be achieved. [smile]

Thank you for your consideration.
Hi Brian,
Whilst it may not be possible to have a 16:9 full-screen mode on a 4:3 monitor, you can set it to windowed mode, and use a "borderless window" mod for Skyrim. There is also an option in ENB-based mods to introduce a "cinematic" effect (don't remember the exact name), which can leave black stripes on the bottom and the top of the screen... Not sure if it is doing it in a way that improves performance - probably just paints over in the end. It is definitely possible to use "occlusion triangles" - basically draw a black quad with zero depth on top and on bottom... Or use a viewport or a scissor rect... But it won't help you that much - you maybe save 15% of the amount of pixels rendered... With HiAlgoBoost you save up to 75% of them (when rotating the camera quickly)... Hope this helped. Good luck! [smile]
Thank you, Its always nice when people take the time to go beyond just answering the question and offer some useful hints and tips. Yes I have tried the various borderless window options I have seen, and ENBs unfortunately are a bit too greedy for my rubbish PC [smile] but I do use them for their excellent enBoost and stability fixes. I did look at writing a shader for the enb but unfortunately they just get added to the end of post processing.

Next step for me is to try and figure out a way of replacing the original skyrim shaders, if I can find a way to decompile\compile those I can just skip processing and output black for top and bottom sections. I may be gone some time [wink]

Thanks again.
Actually, what ENB does - is specifically replace the shaders. They have written a bunch of replacement shaders that are configurable - hence so many parameters. Some of these shaders can be accessible via their configuration files.

To compile/decompile shaders you can use D3DXCompileShader() and D3DXDisassembleShader(), but I wouldn't recommend it - it is not what you need...

What you might need is SetScissorRect() to define an area on screen outside of which you shouldn't render... But this is extremely non-straightforward in a mature modern game))) I am pretty sure there should be mods out there that allow you to have a different aspect ratio on screen - without doing it "ENB style" (i.e. not just painting over with black on top and bottom)... Keep looking and good luck! [smile]
Thanks for the pointers.

And just in case anyone else is trying to do something similar, I have found a workaround.

I have a 1440x900 monitor and run skyrim in a window at 1440x600 to get a widescreen view. This would normally mess up the menu scaling making parts of the menus disappear off screen, but using a tool called Flawless Widescreen, normally used by people who run multi-monitor setups, I can set the display resolution and hud size to 1440 x 600 and it fixes the scaling issues.

The advantage to me by running widescreen is that it cuts the pixel count down to 2/3 of fullscreen.

I use an ENB for stability and the enBoost functions, and by setting the following in the enblocal.ini, skyrim runs fullscreen with the bottom 1/3 of the screen black. (note: dont use ForceBorderlessFullscreen unless the screen width matches the skyrim window width otherwise it uses a ghastly resize with no smoothing)

With Hialgo set to a default of fixed 70% scaling It gives a simple smoothing effect along with the boost to framerate, and I have always liked the way hialgo smoothes out most of the stuttering that plagues some people. I have a 100% fixed scaling and a couple of variable scaling setups on the other options.

I have an intel dual core running at 2.13Ghz, 4Gb RAM, Windows Vista 32bit, and a cheap 512mb nvidia GeForce 210.
The graphics from any mods were optimised and reduced down to 1024x1024. Even so I still have to have the following setting in SkyrimPrefs.ini to prevent the largest mip-map size being used, to keep VRAM usage down.
(I did try reducing every image, including those in the default skyrim bsa files, down to 512x512 and set iTexMipMapSkip=0 but it used more VRAM, lots of images were already <= 512x512.)

Unsurprisingly, shadows are completely disabled.
The Grass on steroids mod keeps the framerate up, so long as you don't mind the look of grass\small rocks due to incorrect lighting which is particularly bad at night.

My machine is largely CPU limited in skyrim, anything script heavy, drags the fps down, as does flames\smoke. Outside it will fluctuate from around 15 to 40 fps, inside is usually better unless there is a lot of smoke\fire\fog\effects going on.

I have about 90% of the mods listed in the S.T.E.P. installed, along with about 60 extra mods such as Automatic Variants, Realistic Animals and Predators, and immersive patrols. (approx 300 mods installed using Wrye Bash). I still get the occasional crash, maybe 1 in each 20-30 hours playing, but using BOSS to sort the load order, and creating a Bashed patch in Wrye Bash helped a lot.

Anyway, enough of my waffling on, I'm off to start a new character [smile]

Have fun folks.
Wow, cool man! [smile] That's a lot of tweaking [smile] I am impressed! [smile]