Hello, Blitz from Nexus here. Got an update on the saints row black face thing.

Still with 0.4.5 I get black skin on my character, its VERY black, as in the texture is missing, and it was supposed to be applied on a mesh with a black underlay for some reason.

How I went through with it. Put the .dll in the same spot as the .exe for saints row. Opened the launcher for choiced of dx11 or dx9, picked dx9 of course. Then after I click I get this error twice

Hiaglo Error 1.jpg 
After clicking OK twice, the Hialgo program comes up with Yes or No for starting it alongside game. Clicked yes.

Game loads, continue game, and black face. I play in windowed mode, I think 200x360 res? heh, ya it still won't play without lag. Textures aren't the problem for me, it's the CPU now apparently. Although I actually do see the teeeensiest change of frame rate with 50% on. But I'm sure that the problem still is CPU.

Saints Row Black.jpg  Sorry if pic isn't much help, but I'm writing this at 2:30am and don't feel like changing settings.

I have found the workaround to work for me too. If I disable Hialgo during the opening videos, and click continue, it will load white face. Which I then can turn on hialgo and use it normally. I even exited to main menu and continued again, and the white face persists.

PS won't let me attach .log files, so ima just put all the files in a .zip on mediafire. Including all files in the Saints Row Hialgo folder.