Konnichiwa, guys. As the title says, I had installed RealVision ENB, and addapted all configs from NVidia panel, etc (using the Option B for performance While playing, there are just a few times the game may lag, but loading screens are quite long (around a minute from Whiterun to Skyrim). So I decided to install this aparently awesome HialgoBoost mod. 

It works perfectly, if you only use the direction pad or WASD. Single time I try to move the camera, with the second pad or the mouse, i get a terrible freezing lag. No white or yellow flickering, just a  freezing screen which restores at the time i stop moving the view, or disable HialgoBoost with F10.

I don´t even have a mere idead of whats the cause for this, but it could maybe be for some modifications at the NVidia panel. By the way, my GPU is a GTX 660, working with around 60 mods, and High-Res-Textures.

Thanks in advance.
Ahalan, JoseDSchiffer!  

[<if> I try to move the camera ... i get a terrible freezing lag

It is exactly when you move the camera, HiAlgoBoost changes the resolution. So, you are getting the lag at this moment. The reason for this -- very unfortunately -- is incompatibility of HiAlgoBoost with the latest ENB binaries (starting with ENB v0.240). When HiAlgo dynamically changes the resolution, framerate drops dramatically.

1. You can try using older versions of ENB binaries, from this ENB page, while keeping the latest ENB configuration files.
Also, some additional tweaking of settings might be needed, as described here.
2. If you have a powerful rig, you can use another workaround: switch to high-quality mode by pressing Shift+END, this will fix resolution at 100%.