you know some people piss me off nowadays. sorry for swearing but its really needed.

take a look at this post and give me an idea on what you think.

Was i right? (seethingword [HPMC])
or was in the wrong saying what i did?

Give me your opinions on what you think in the comments.
Well, first of all you didn't swear all that much [smile]) Second - that guy should've given us the benefit of the doubt - but hey, its his prerogative [smile]

About stutter removal - actually, Boost, Switch and Chill do that too - if you lock them in a 100% mode it will remove the stutter compared to native mode. Chill does that even more aggressively.

Thanks! [smile]
In scenarios like these, I'd just ignore him. The program is amazing and helps a lot of gamers, if some snob wants to laugh at that then I don't see a reason to egg him on by replying.