Hi there!

  First of all I'd like to thank the creators of HiAlgo Switch! It makes many games much more playable in terms of FPS and that's something really crucial for not so powerful computers. 
  Now to business - Here are some screenshots showing things that need attention in Naruto Full Burst:
 Broken screen on Ultimate Jutsu Finish Chance: PREVIEW
 Screen artifacts: 100%   50%    OTHER(Level Border)
 Also the ALT key(for clear HUD) makes things even blurrier and pixelated: 100%   50%   50%+Alt

Note: These artifacts and broken screen effects(I don't know what to call them) are present in all the HiAlgo Switch versions up until now.

And I have a couple of questions regarding the settings in the ini file(since they're not mentioned in the FAQ):

-> MAX_PRERENDERED_FRAMES: As far as I know it means rendering a set number of frames in advance after every drawn frame. I'm curious if changing the value actually does anything. Because I did meddle with it a month or so ago and didn't notice anything.

-> REDUCE_SHADOW_MAPS: What does it mean and do?

Side note: The Alt key in Street FighterXTekken actually makes everything look normal, as in - without HiAlgo rescaling. I'd like to know - how does the program determine which element is supposed to be part of the HUD?
 Also newer versions of the program don't seem to update ini game settings with new options. Example: KEEP_FULL_HUD_RES was missing in Naruto Full Burst and its first ini file was created with the first version of HiAlgo. That's not a problem for me actually. I'm just pointing that out.


1. Thanks for the images -- very helpful!! [love]

> Also newer versions of the program don't seem to update ini game settings with new options. 
Yes, this is our oversight. Bug. Will fix it... The workaround - find your game subfolder in HiAlgo folder and delete it. Next time it will be recreated properly.

> The Alt key in Street FighterXTekken actually makes everything look normal, as in - without HiAlgo rescaling.
> I'd like to know - how does the program determine which element is supposed to be part of the HUD?
For our injected code, there is no direct way to tell HUD from not-HUD, because different games implement rendering of HUD differently.
The program is trying to guess, based on various heuristics. In most cases it does this correctly. In some - not. BTW, it seems that I can mark Street Fighter X Tekken game as working with SWITCH. OK?

MAX_PRERENDERED_FRAMES - only HiAlgoBoost knows what he meant by this. [smile] Let's ask him.
REDUCE_SHADOW_MAPS - I guess, if true,at 50% resolution it downgrades shadows quality even more, to gain more FPS. For some games it is important, but in some games the shadows then look really ugly... Hope, HiAlgoBoost will correct me.

Yes, SWITCH works with Street Fighter X Tekken just fine. [smile] At least from my experience.
 Even though this thread is for Naruto Full Burst I'll post some screens. Should the need arise I might create a separate thread for the game in the future.
Select Character Screen: 100%   50%
In-Game: 100%   50%

Here's another broken effect in Naruto Full Burst I forgot to mention:
100%   50%
It occurs when the awakening mode ends. I think that this and the 'ultimate jutsu finish chance' problem are somehow interconnected and fixing one would fix the other. 

I asked HiAlgoBoost about the 2 options in the ini settings and here's what he said:

"MAX_PRERENDERED_FRAMES means this (not for only NVidia, but also for AMD and Intel)"

"REDUCE_SHADOW_MAPS: for some games, due to resolution reduction of shadow maps, there is a shadow "flickering" effect visible when you move (i.e. with each step the shadow looks a bit differently). Setting this to "true" tries (heuristically) to identify which textures are shadow maps, and block resolution reduction for those textures. In theory - if this works correctly - you should see better shadows, at the cost of (a bit) reduced performance in 50% mode. Setting it to "false" disables this heuristic."

SWITCH 0.5.1:

No change for both Naruto Full Burst and SFxT.
Also - in the supported games on the main site there's:
-> Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Tested and works for this game
-> Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst - Does not work for this game

For the sake of consistency I recommend to delete the first one(since there's no Naruto Storm game besides Full Burst for PC) and change the status of the second - "Works with minor bugs". If we consider the screen artifacts and some other stuff bugs, that is.

 And a side question: SWITCH is constantly being refined - more games are becoming compatible, bugs are being fixed, but is the improvement of the program actually supposed to squeeze more FPS in the long run? Theoretically.
Example: first version works fine, reduces resolution by 50% and after some updates the reduced resolution effect is still working but the FPS is more?
 Just curious on that.
Hey thanks, useful post, as usual. [smile]

About the updates: yes, there were one or two that increased FPS gain, for some games.

The basic calculation for FPS is this: with resolution 50% the game has to render 4 times less pixels, so FPS should have gone up 4 times. However, not all the calculations that the game does are per pixel, so in practice FPS goes up about 2.5 times.

If this coefficient is 2 or more, we consider that this is good, if less, it means that we are missing something. For example, we have a setting when we preserve HUD at full resolution, or another setting when we preserve resolution for shadows (as you already know [smile]). If we detect HUD or shadows incorrectly (can happen in some games), we may keep other stuff at high res as well. In such cases, there is room for improvement. But we cannot move this coefficient above x3.0 or so.
4 times less pixels with 50% reduction? Shouldn't it be 2 times - for 50% and 4 times IF there was 25%? Or the calculation algorithms are different?
50% reduction means the width (and the height) of the canvas is reduced to 50% of it's original size.
If you count the pixels - it's 1/4 of the original pixel count - hence theoretical limit on speedup is x4.
Does this make sense? [smile]
With 50% res, pixels are twice as big. If pixels are 2 times wider and two times taller, their area is four times bigger, and you need four time fewer of them to cover the screen.
Got it. Thanks! [smile]

HiAlgo SWITCH v.0.8:

Naruto Full Burst:

- Artifacts are gone;
- No more broken image when awakening expires or during Ultimate Jutsu;
- No more annoying double image on some stages;
- The intro is correctly scaled. (In v.0.5.1 it was enlarged, showing only the top left corner.)

- No speed-up actually. In fact, it's quite the opposite compared to the previous version.
- Usually I play the game with a dll shader mod(removes some visuals for speedup. I used Helixmod and then removed more shaders with the help of the posted guides.). Unfortunately, Hialgo makes the mod work only when the resolution is 100%. That is, without Hialgo Switch.
- When I press and hold ALT to see things with/without Full HUD Res, what is supposed to happen, happens for a fraction of a second. For example, if I'm with Full HUD Res ON, holding ALT won't show me how the screen would look like without the option.
- The Full HUD res works halfway. Some menu elements and Health/Gauge bars are still 50% reduced.

 Title Screen (Full HUD Res does not work)
 In-game menu (Full HUD Res works)
 Awakening end (fixed)

Street Fighter X Tekken:

- Full HUD Res works like a charm. Only the health bar is blurred. Holding down ALT to see things with/without Full HUD Res works fine. 

- Small artifacts present on character faces.

 The Full HUD Res eats around 10 FPS from the game, when I'm at 50%. On my machine, that is. I don't know if the previous version was faster for the game. Judging by Naruto Full Burst 3, it is possible but then again, it could be just fine. 

Title Screen
Select Screen  (Some artifacts on Ibuki's face and some other characters.)
In-game menu

-> Naruto Full Burst has fixed visuals but the main feature(speed-up via resolution reduction) is barely noticeable.
-> Street Fighter X Tekken is generally fine. But, as I mentioned, I'm not sure whether the new version is a bit faster than the previous.

P.S. I like the FPS counter. Does it take a lot of resources? Probably not, but I'd like to know for sure.
 Also, here's an idea about a future feature - print-screen button. Video is also an option but it would get too heavy and complicated in my opinion. And one of the main things I like about SWITCH is its simplicity.

Thanks man - sorry - I saw this post only now (the title was confusing - ver 4.5...) [smile] Thanks for the feedback! About performance in Naruto - try pressing RightAlt+space to see if it has effect on performance. The fps counter doesn't require resources [smile] About screenshots and video - we are not going there - you have Fraps for that... [wink]
HiAlgo SWITCH v.0.9:

Naruto Full Burst:

- Game crashes when I select Ultimate Road or Free Battle(or whatever they were called).
- HiAlgo still can't detect the shaderoverride mod.
Right Alt + Space doesn't help.

   I don't know how you made SWITCH 0.5.1 to recognize the custom d3d9.dll which allows Helixmod to run but I find it crucial for users like me - with weak computers(specifically for this game). By further removing some visuals(grass, trees, some BGs) I've managed to make the game run almost twice as faster. And SWITCH boosts things up a lot further! And with a little SpeederXP from time to time, I can practically achieve 60 FPS but not all the time. SpeederXP actually messes up my internet connection and sometimes the pc hangs. 
  I hope I don't sound like I'm whining and giving you pressure. ^^; I know you're doing your best and I appreciate your efforts!
Street Fighter X Tekken:

- no change since SWITCH v.0.8

Anyway, can I rename the thread name so it's not misleading? For instance, just " Naruto Full Burst - SWITCH"? Or " Naruto Full Burst + Street FighterXTekken: SWITCH"?

I do not know how to rename a thread. If you can - go ahead and rename. If not, simply start a new thread. [rolleyes]
Figured I should post some logs.

Naruto Full Burst:

SWITCH v0.5.1 Log:
It's very long and maybe the stuff in the log varies. While meddling with Helixmod's dlls, I used a debug dll to check all the PS and VS and extract some of them, etc. Not sure if it'll be of any help but still. I just hope it won't confuse you. 
 *Note: When you open the link, click "Slow Download". Just saying. Some people thought they had to use the download manager although the download page for files looked different. Whatever.

SWITCH v.0.8 Log:
08/23/14 22:17:59 Unsupported vertex shader version 0
08/23/14 22:17:59 Attaching to process...
08/23/14 22:18:01 Failed to load hialgo_cache. Reason: File not found: D:\Games\HiAlgo\Plugins\SWITCH\hialgo_cache
08/23/14 22:18:05 processing vs_2_0...
08/23/14 22:18:05 processing ps_2_0...
08/23/14 22:18:32 processing vs_2_0...
08/23/14 22:18:32 processing ps_2_0...
08/23/14 22:18:42 vPos handling - mul,mad or div not found...
08/23/14 22:21:11 vPos handling - constant register associated with vPos not found...
08/23/14 22:21:12 vPos handling - mul,mad or div not found...
08/23/14 22:26:12 vPos handling - mul,mad or div not found...
08/23/14 22:27:34 Detaching from process...
08/23/14 22:29:16 Unsupported vertex shader version 0
08/23/14 22:29:16 Attaching to process...
08/23/14 22:29:23 processing vs_2_0...
08/23/14 22:29:49 processing vs_2_0...
08/23/14 22:31:29 vPos handling - mul,mad or div not found...
08/23/14 22:33:43 vPos handling - constant register associated with vPos not found...
08/23/14 22:37:07 Detaching from process...

SWITCH v.0.9 Log:
09/12/14 23:51:09 Info: Unsupported vertex shader version 0 
09/12/14 23:51:09 Attaching to process...
09/12/14 23:51:51 processing vs_2_0...
09/12/14 23:51:51 processing ps_2_0...
09/12/14 23:51:51 processing vs_2_0...
09/12/14 23:51:51 processing ps_2_0...
09/12/14 23:52:39 ERROR at line 1758 in .\MyWrappers.cpp, INewTextureSurfaceWrapper::CubeTextureRelease_5(): Assertion failed!
09/12/14 23:54:02 Info: Unsupported vertex shader version 0
09/12/14 23:54:02 Attaching to process...
09/12/14 23:54:35 processing vs_2_0...
09/12/14 23:54:35 processing ps_2_0...
09/12/14 23:54:35 processing vs_2_0...
09/12/14 23:54:35 processing ps_2_0...
09/12/14 23:55:03 ERROR at line 1758 in .\MyWrappers.cpp, INewTextureSurfaceWrapper::CubeTextureRelease_5(): Assertion failed!

Hope this helps for debugging.

  OK. I think the problem is somewhere in HiAlgoSwitch.dll. I replaced the dll file from SWITCH v.0.9 with the one from v.0.5.1. The result was as if I'm using v 0.5.1. Without the 0.8-9 improvements(clear menus, FPS count). Helixmod was working.
 Also, I saw that the d3d9.dll is different in v.0.9. I don't know if and how much this affects everything.

   Actually comparing logs for two versions (v0.8 and v0.9) helped a lot, and we are in the process of fixing it. We'll post here with the pre-release dll as soon as it is ready, thanks a lot man! [smile]