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Gonna try to go right to the point:
IMHO the best you could do to get attention in gaming community (if thats what you're looking for) is to implement this for GTAIV or DarkSouls, those games are still today famous not only because they were nice games, but because they were joke pc versions, I think using Skyrim was a REALLY nice move because its a game full of players trying to get the best performance possible, but gta and ds......people got insane at trying to improve performance (like me) EVEN TODAY.
Using this in gta4 I think would be an insane impact.....BUT, games a little old and gtaV is coming(i hope)
Im sure gtaV PC port will be a complete disaster-joke as usual, try to get a gtaV copy and implement this, im sure it will be as popupar as it can be!!!

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Thank you, we'll take a look at GTA IV and DARK SOULS...