Here i'm again with Warframe.
I was testing some configurations in game, and after scaling down the window, I noticed something: With half resolution of game default I was able to get more FPS than full resolution with HiAlgo. What is happening here? 

Full resolution is 1088x612.
Half resolution is ~544x306

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> With half resolution of game default I was able to get more FPS than full resolution with HiAlgo.

Good question. So, with SWITCH you get 27 fps and with half-resolution - 42 fps. This is 2:3 ratio. It is more than I would expect. Of course, SWITCH cannot be as efficient as simply changing the resolution, it modifies rendering on fly, it does a few other operations, but 2:3 might be a bit too big. I'll ask HiAlgo guy...
Hmm... There are things that Switch doesn't scale - like shadow maps, and UI elements. Also, with lower resolution "by game" - it may be using lower quality textures. Also, if you are running in windowed mode - there is windows-internal processing that is more expensive if the screen size is larger. Also the VSync my get in the way... Let's try this:

1) Make sure game runs full-screen, and make sure VSync is off.
2) Run the game in FullHD (1920x1080) with Switch, and half of that (960x540) without. If the game doesn't support such resolution from menu - you can try looking where the resolution is defined in the configuration files - and change it manually (this usually works for most games).
3) If you have no luck with that - you can try using Boost instead - in "Switch" mode - press Ctrl-F10 - and you'll be able to change resolution from 100% to 50% in 10% decrements (with Ctrl-Shift +/-).

Good luck!
Good point. HiAlgo can't scale everything down. There's an option to reduce shadow maps, i might try this.

I already know the basics to get a good FPS. I always play on fullscreen, without V-Sync and all.
I did the test in windowed, because Warframe doesn't support resolutions with height lower than 600 and i can't edit that with the config file.
Now i'm using SWITCH 2.0. And somehow i can use the (Ctrl-Shift +/-) thing to reduce the resolution to 40% and get a good fps increase [smile]
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