Currently there are games like  Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which SWITCH simply does not recognize as DirectX 9 games, and therefore does not inject.

In such cases, try editing games.ini flie (it is located at the same folder as settings.ini), in order to tell SWITCH that this is indeed a DirectX 9 game. It is located where HiAlgo SWITCH was installed, something like C:\Program Files (x86)\HiAlgo\Plugins\SWITCH\games.ini.

In games.ini, there is the section you should edit, there are comments that explain what to do:

; This section is intended for games that do not load automatically
; Adding a game's name here might help, or it might not - some games have
; protection against injection - in this case you will need to copy all
; SWITCH files into the game's folder (as a last resort).
; You can specify either a game name,
; a partial game name,
; a part of game's path, etc.

Try it!