hello, im new here [smile]

so, im confused about using these 3 mods :
-enboost (wrapper version)
-http://www.curse.com/mods/skyrim/skyrim-better-performance (d3d9.dll mod)

i dont know if 3 of them running or not, but when i start skyrim, i can see hialgoboost fps and 50%-100% thingy.

but when i googled about using more than 1 d3d9.dll mod, i need to change something inside .ini file. which is i dont know which one to change.

some people said i need change d3d9.dll to example d3d9nolag.dll and put inside hialgoboost.ini

but i dont know if they are working correctly or not, inside hialgo log file i see some thing like this :
-Loaded C:\WINDOWS\system32\d3d9.dll!
-Warning: _controlfp was used to set non-standard FPU settings!!!
-Cannot apply FXAA - surface format 21 is not the same as the secondary buffer format 22, consider using SECONDARY_SURFACES_FMT...
-Modded game detected!... (a non-system d3d9.dll was loaded by the game)

if i added d3d9nolag.dll inside hialgoboost.ini , how can i make enboost working ? (only enboost, no graphic mod)

thank you [smile]

Hi frozenpixel,

It seems that you have a pretty good understanding of what you are doing. I, on the other hand, do not remember well things about legacy BOOST. But I'll try...

Oh, no, I was wrong: you are not using legacy BOOST - you posted in the wrong forum, but never mind. You are using universal BOOST. Its message in the log file "Modded game detected!" most likely indicates that ENB wrapper has successfully injected itself. So, this is OK.

If you want to use additional d3d9.dll with universal BOOST and ENB, you need just follow ENB instructions (don't worry about BOOST): rename your dll and edit ENB's file, probably enblocal.ini. Something like this


(BTW, keep in mind that HiAlgo handles lag by itself; this is one of its major points; so the two mods very likely will interfere with each other).