As you can see by the date its 6/29 on a Wednesday and warface has added a new "Anti Cheat" called "EasyAntiCheat" Which is an anti cheat which stop people from injecting things into the game making it "safer" so people wont hack and Hialgo is not injecting properly I open the launcher (Steam) and once I press play the Anti cheat injects and after the game Start Hialgo does not give no warning that it will inject nor it makes the Beeping Sound it usually does. Will this be a permanently change to trying to inject Hialgo into warface or is there any alternate ways it can inject into the game without disrupting the "Anticheat" ?.

Heres the post about the anticheat :

If anyone knows how to inject it or to edit its files and make it no be noticeable by the anticheat please feel free to reply and have a solution to this. I hate running low fps and hialgo really had an effect on boosting its fps.
Hi Bryan,

actually, we are (or were?) friends with EasyAntiCheat since September 2015. [smile] They made changes to their program, and it became compatible with HiAlgo - see the end of this thread. So, maybe they made yet another update, or maybe Warface uses not the same version of EAC as Robocraft.

You can try contacting them - either EAC or Warface providers and ask about this. You can give them reference to this forum, and also to the fact that HiAlgo was acquired by AMD (announced today) - so, we are good guys. [smile]
Go there and your problem is solved . Special Thanks to Ramim Bhaiya !!