I tryed hialgo boost because my fps is about 70-100 on csgo.
It didn't work. My screen was like flashing and it was terrible, then I unstalled it, but now my CSGO without Hialgo and it's very blurred, as you can see on the screenshots i've take below:

my config:
i3 4130 3.4GHz - 8gb ram - no graphic card - (everything minimum on csgo)

So now i really need a fix because is impossible play like this.

Thank you.

I am confused:

1. Your FPS is 70-100. It sounds very good. Did you mean 7 - 10?

2. Of the images you sent, HUD in the first is blurred; but the other two are good. Are they without HiAlgo?

3. You say, no graphic card. This means you are using Intel's integrated card, right?

No, I really mean 70-100, actually I don't believe its a good fps because when I'm playing I don't have "flow", I mean, I have little "crashes".

I don't know why on the screenshots i've sent is less blured then it really is. 

yeap, i'm using Intel's integrated card.

I'll try to reinstall steam and csgo and come back here for feedback, thank you!


I take a photo from my phone:
I barely can read because the pixels is like .jpeg image(can you understand what I mean?)
And the char's looks like very low resolution.

1. About "little crashes" - maybe you mean stuttering. This happens when the frame rate is not stable, drops sometimes. As if game freezes for a moment. If you have stuttering, decreasing FPS (frame rate) may help! The game will become smoother. But I don't think you have a high FPS.

2. About a photo from your phone: yes, I understand what you say about HUD (about the text). My guess is that you are simply using very low resolution for your game. 

3. I am not a gamer, but from what I have heard, it is impossible or almost impossible to play a heavy game like CSGO on Intel i3 integrated video card. Something is really off in your understanding of what is going on there. 70 FPS is absolutely unrealistic for your computer. You are looking at some wrong numbers. Maybe you can find another gamer who can take a look at your system and help you figure out?

I will try somebody with a better experience than mine to read these posts...
OK, I have asked around.

1. They say that CSGO is not that heavy, and it may be possible to play it on i3.

2. Also, maybe you indeed have FPS between 70 and 100, because you set the game resolution way-way too low. Increase the resolution a bit. If you get the frame rate of 30, itis very good. If you get 20, it is OK.  If 15, it is still may be playable, or maybe not.

3. When experimenting, at first make sure HiAlgo injector is not running. Use Task Manager and kill it, if needed. Or uninstall it completely.

Let us know what you have discovered. 🙂
Hello again!

Well, first of all I would like to thank you for your time!

I reinstalled steam and csgo and now it's ok.

1. Yeap, i'm stuttering 🙁 I will think in a solution about this but actually I think I really need to spend some bucks in a graphic card, haha..

2- Yes, I'm playing 640x480 because this is the only way I found to make de game "playable".

3- That's not too heavy, actually my computer sucks hahah..

4- I really hate to play low fps(bigger resolution in my case) but what could I do, huh?

Well, I will try to fix this stutter. Do you have any idea where I start?

Once again, I'm really greatful for your attention, thank you!!