Luan Brandtt
Hello, hialgo boost is not getting into the Warface game, not only for me, but for the whole Brazilian community that uses hialgo in warface.
 I would like you to figure out why so many people rely on this program to play.
The error is next, after injecting hialgo, at the time of playing the game crash (game closes and stops working) after the last update of Warface did not work anymore.
We hope for a faster solution. 
We have already entered support with the company that distributes Warface in Brazil and they will enter in with the Hialgo team.Sorry if I was not clear, I'm using google translator.
achei que era só comigo, realmente esta acontecendo este problema, o jogo está crashando sempre que executado com o Boost.

I thought this was happening only with me, this is really happening, the game is crashing when executed with BOOST
@Luan Brandtt  -- thanks for the information. 

The only solution for the problem, I think, is for Warface to update their anti-cheating protection.