Hi to all. i discovered this great program at nexus but im having problem using it.

My problem appears ingame when i lets say pres Tab to open menu and then select "Skills or Level up option". the screen goes dark for 20- 50 sec and then level up menu appears.
Also in game i noticed a huge lag when for example i shoot a skeleton from a distance and seems that i miss so i keep shooting it like 5 or six arrows and finally when i think that its just too far and try to get closer i notice all those arrows hit the damn thing at once  so i think its a lag.. the strange thing is that this problem is always when shooting something from distance and never in close combat.

Also when using smithy tools seems like the game freezes and then after 10 sec more less it continues 

Am i doing something wrong? 

im running skyrim legendary on laptop Asus x75VD, I5, 6 GB ram, Nvidia 610M 1GB Vram
and several mods to improve performance mostly i hope

please help me and thank you very much for making this program
(Just for info - wrong forum: BOOST 5 is not a legacy BOOST).

About the supposed lag -- try deleting HiAlgoBoost.log (and other log files) - maybe it became too big? You can also delete cache files. Or even more radically - uninstall BOOST, make sure everything is deleted, and install it again.
thank you.. i noticed that after i wrote this post.. thanx for suggesting.. seems that in my case is something different coz using version 4 is doing a job flawlessly