Is this program is legal in ghost recon phantoms? I asked the creators of the game it wrote back. "I do not know. There are plenty of programs and do not have a list, which are legal and which are not. It depends on their actions. Dynamic overclocking the card is illegal." And my question is whether I use it? or you got banned?
We do not do any overclocking, or anything else we would consider cheating or unfair - see our statement of legitimacy. We often say that using our apps is the same as playing the game on a better computer: the one that overheats less (HiAlgo CHILL), or the one with faster GPU (HiAlgo BOOST).

Technically, we achieve this by intercepting commands from CPU to GPU and modifying them this or that way.

However, we do not know how Ghost Recon Phantoms decides on cheating. Could you ask them again, while showing this post with clarification? If they need any additional info, they can reach us at