This has happened after updating graphical drivers a while back. It's gone away at random, but it has recently resurfaced and I would like to know if there is a fix for this (and potentially if it happens in other games too). The HiAlgoBoost log will be attached with this post.

In addition, I might as well point out some bugs in XIV:
(certain mounts and enemies will have parts of their model stretched across the screen)

I should note I reinstalled BOOST earlier to see if it just needed to ‘refresh’ since I updated drivers
Very clear, thorough, nice post. Thanks! But I am not sure I have any good news for you.

1. The blurriness has gone away at random

It is very unusual for the HUD blurriness to be random. Maybe some HUD is always get blurred, and some is always sharp?  

However, there is a setting that triggers blurring the HUD:
  • RightAlt + Space toggles the "full-resolution HUD" mode (by default ON)

Could it be that you are using the same key combination in the game?

2. Certain mounts and enemies will have parts of their model stretched across the screen

Ha, during the development we saw such defects a lot. At this moment, though, we probably cannot do anything. (Although I will try to look at the error message in your log file). You can try change some settings in the game (resolution, full screen vs. windowed etc.) for the off chance that this will help.

QuiteReluctant wrote:


Thanks! It turns out the gamma slider in settings is what actually causes the HUD to be blurry whenever its not at the default [50] setting.

Ill probably mess around with settings to see if the stretching will be less apparent.
gamma slider -- cool! Thanks for the info.