Hello, recently I tried the HialgoBoost in CSGO My computer not very good, I loved the program because the FPS went up very well!

The truth that everything well, but I wish there was a way in which the CSGO with the boost enabled, you could see the skins, only the skins, the rest of the map that looks like it should be seen with HiAlgo boost.

That's what I would like to apply, because there are very good skins and I would like to visualize them, because for that are not? Haha. Or I don't know if there's a way for them to look, but I'm not aware of this.

That's all, greetings!

you could see the skins, only the skins ... map that looks like it should be seen with HiAlgo boost.

I am not sure what you mean. Maybe you can make a screenshot, and mark there what you want or don't want to see.

I just want to see the skins as they have to be originally in csgo without  hialgo boost, not like the one I show in the picture.

I just want to see the skins as you should see, but the map around, that if you look like you see with Hialgo

This photo is from YouTube, example:


Hey, any solution? 
OK, yes, you can try something. There is parameter in the games which tells the game to used more detailed or less detailed textures, called LOD (Level Of Details).

So, you would like to specify high LOD for the weapons (skins) and low LOD for the rest. Unfortunately, in HiAlgo you can specify only one LOD for everything, but maybe you will be able to find some middle ground.

1. In the folder where Hialgo is installed, find file exceptions.ini, and open it for editing.
2. Find there line [CSGO] - this is beginning of the section of settings for CS:GO.
3. Under this line, find parameter MAX_ADJUST_LODBIAS.

My guess is that this line says
and this means that the game uses textures with lowest resolution. Try other numbers, like 




If this is too much, try 4 or 8. If this is too low, try any other number.

Let me know whether it worked for you. Take screenshots from your computer...

Edit: here is a video, where this parameter is modified: