I am running on an IntelHD, I mainly use HiAlgo for LodBias, and other graphical customization not usually allowed by Intel.

But I somewhat dislike the 'Dynamic' resolution feature, and the Hud that comes with it, they disrupt the gameplay so I would like to disable them.

The UI offers no program customization, I haven't found anything in the files and the toggle button disables it completely, I have found the Ctrl+F10 shortcut which switches to 'Manual Mode'

So I came here to ask if there is a way 'or a series of steps' to lock it at 100% resolution automatically on every game, while removing the entire HUD by default, so maybe an addition to the config file? or is that impossible so far? 






OK, it seems you looked at all the instructions, including, of course

and understand well what you are doing. So, help me to help you 🙂, because I have already forgotten some stuff.

So, you can use Ctrl+F10 to change to "Switch mode" - you call it manual mode, which makes sense too. As far as I remember, in this mode the resolution won't change until you click mouse middle button. But isn't this exactly what you want? Dynamic resolution will be disabled. What functionality do you want to get?

Also, about HUD - just in case. In most games HUD is not affected by dynamic resolution. In a few cases, HiAlgo does not detect HUD correctly, and blurs it. And in a few other cases, it takes game images for HUD and does not blur them. In the second scenario we have some remedy. Search out FAQ page for HUD, for details,