I have not found a solution My problem, but it is not a last attempt, not a little, but also the files of MYGAMES is in all the text files of the folder that presents the problem to me that my problem is not my directx This update was not like that. Yes. Skip the error and this is the only program with the features that I like. I mean a solution for other people with my problem

03/24/19  22:21:16IDirect3D9Ex::CreateDevice() == IDirect3D9::CreateDevice(), hooking the latter.


03/24/19 22:21:15 Attaching to process...
03/24/19 22:21:15 Loaded C:\Windows\system32\d3d9.dll!
03/24/19 22:21:15 Loaded d3d9 API.


03/24/19 22:21:20 XXXXXXXXX Direct3DCreate9Ex XXXXXXXXX
03/24/19 22:21:20 Info: Unsupported vertex shader version 0
03/24/19 22:21:20 Attaching to process...
03/24/19 22:21:20 Loaded C:\Windows\system32\dinput8.dll!
03/24/19 22:21:20 YYYYYYY IDirect3D9_Wrapper::CreateDeviceEx YYYYYYY