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Skyrim+Swiftshader+HialgoBoost=Technically Lag Free Skyrim? BLKMN Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim 1,358 1
by Chris HPZ
Can't get Planet Explorers to work Blitz54 HiAlgo SWITCH 633 0
by Blitz54
AMD Athlon ! YtseJam Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim 275 2
by YtseJam
Tomb Raider Issue phillytheranger HiAlgo SWITCH 549 5
by phillytheranger
SWITCH not injecting when i run Warframe Dr. Somgosomgo HiAlgo SWITCH 2,278 4
by Dr. Somgosomgo
Work/Doesn't work games list - SWITCH v1.0 Seya16 HiAlgo SWITCH 550 1
by vazzalucifer
Naruto games (from Musou-Enrai) QuiteReluctant HiAlgo SWITCH 369 1
by Musou-Enrai
Work/Doesn't work games list - SWITCH v0.8
1 2 3
vazzalucifer HiAlgo SWITCH 3,550 35
by HiAlgoBoost
Switch v0.8 Crash on Start-Up GreenDevil HiAlgo SWITCH 549 6
by GreenDevil
Xbox One controller compatibility? DerekUGA Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim 616 4
by DerekUGA
Tomb Raider (2013 version) Black screen =c iron1316 HiAlgo SWITCH 645 11
by iron1316
SWITCH v0.8 can be a bit slower than v0.5.1 QuiteReluctant HiAlgo SWITCH 518 3
by Musou-Enrai
graphics problem sten HiAlgo CHILL 278 1
by QuiteReluctant
CS:GO VAC BAN? ghostofbigboss HiAlgo SWITCH 9,723 4
by HiAlgoBoost
No Overlay for Planetside 2 GnashingOfBeaks HiAlgo CHILL 576 2
by GnashingOfBeaks
[chill + boost][skyrim] Sudden invisible texture displaying. AyinApholion HiAlgo CHILL 399 2
by QuiteReluctant
Hialgo Boost vs ENBoost src1425 Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim 2,406 1
by QuiteReluctant
Stopped working for Borderlands 2 mew101 HiAlgo SWITCH 467 1
by HiAlgoBoost
Dynasty Warriors 8 XLCE and HiAlgo Switch CaptainSeaLion HiAlgo SWITCH 348 2
by CaptainSeaLion
Unturned is not affected Dr. Somgosomgo HiAlgo CHILL 1,082 10
by QuiteReluctant
Hailgo boost flickering and broken images when moving mouse HBObs Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim 617 2
by HBObs
Shadow Bug? Skyrim ZetiX HiAlgo SWITCH 449 2
by ZetiX
L.A. Noire Glitches TheHeroGothamDeserves HiAlgo CHILL 457 8
by TheHeroGothamDeserves
Watermark xandsterlol HiAlgo CHILL 3,388 2
by xandsterlol
fatal error !! hialgoswitch.dll otakulolicon HiAlgo SWITCH 711 4
by otakulolicon

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