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Xbox Controller bug (i think) thikomorais 54 4
by thikomorais
Is HiAlgoBOOST working as it should? (Skyrim) templarteppo 289 1
by redsigma
warface gugupao 55 1
by QuiteReluctant
red square bug with BOOST nery89 125 4
by nery89
Team Fortress 2 Gray Square In The Top Corner Donoteat_thecake 105 10
by Donoteat_thecake
FPS drop Skyrim syn 110 0
by syn
Brawlhalla Hialgo boost no effect redsigma 99 4
by redsigma
Skyrim Red Square in corner Sen 95 4
by QuiteReluctant
Assistance, please! Skyrim crashes! Falkreaath 183 5
by Falkreaath
HiAlgo Chill joke or not redsigma 151 3
by QuiteReluctant
"Blah Blah" Bug is BACK redsigma 38 1
by QuiteReluctant
HELP!!! TESV crashing on startup with no popups.. Really ******* annoying!! Dinho 214 5
by QuiteReluctant
Online game MirrorImage 87 1
by rotknight
Changes to settings won't apply ssorxross 89 2
by ssorxross
Any other way to hide FPS counter? Sweet Jerry Pie 2,620 4
by Sir_Skelebone
64 bit Frostyghosts 670 1
by QuiteReluctant
World Of Tanks is not supported Hamakaze 199 2
by Hamakaze
Repeated beeping sound when running hiAlgoBoost please help silvernirvash 199 5
by QuiteReluctant
Dirty Bomb no longer works after v5 update Dingo 354 4
by Dingo
need help, jeffhubert113 80 5
by jeffhubert113
Feature Request/Change BrOkEnSiL 201 8
by BrOkEnSiL
Red square box at the top left corner
1 2
jeffhubert113 1,098 23
by redsigma
Source games minor bug - not a big deal redsigma 51 2
by redsigma
Unturned - what happened redsigma 425 5
by redsigma
Robocraft redsigma 263 8
by redsigma
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