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Stop asking "ACTIVATE HIALGO BOOST" by startin Skyrim Sixx 12 2
by Sixx
Love this software, but... IvanGogh 75 4
by QuiteReluctant
The instant turnaround not avaiable in HiAlgo v5? huevon 55 2
by huevon
Keep using HiAlgoBoost ? (weak cpu) ifrozenpixel 80 5
by QuiteReluctant
Hiago V5 doesn't work with Mod organizer ReDFluX 48 2
by ReDFluX
HiAlgo v5 won't work with SKSE or MO? gamy 34 3
by QuiteReluctant
My HiAlgo Boost is not supporting SKSE JABBA 681 12
by gamy
Cursor won't move when BOOST is turned on themanta83 30 1
by QuiteReluctant
i cant enable Vsync, (access denied) oreozz 74 2
by oreozz
HiAlgo boost 5.0 ingame LAG problem tindrli 76 2
by tindrli
ver 5 vs 4 and another question about moving forward Uncle Fester 35 3
by QuiteReluctant
HiAlgoBoost + d3d9.dll mod + enboost (need help) ifrozenpixel 215 1
by QuiteReluctant
HiAlgo boost Skyrim Shadows? ebenps24 66 2
by ebenps24
Mouse KinoyP 32 2
by Satyx
|--- HiAlgo BOOST 5.0 and SWF Files ---| Kevinazzzo 156 2
by Kevinazzzo
HiAlgo Boost is deactivated when appears text, like the UI. Hashph 62 4
by HiAlgoBoost
How to disable the dynamic resolution kirsch 141 1
by QuiteReluctant
Unsupported Error Message. Weston14h 44 1
by QuiteReluctant
Missing Files After Installation Renerade 271 4
by Renerade
Hialgo BOOST not starting with SKSE_loader? Luqueasaur 349 1
by QuiteReluctant
Vsinc Johrnarlor 60 2
by Johrnarlor
Skyrim 'Entry point not found' Quatez 19 1
by QuiteReluctant
Hialgo Boost whit 3d vision Zvukoman 263 3
by QuiteReluctant
Hiding the "VSYNC ON/OFF in top right corner of screen" Jdg45 214 1
by QuiteReluctant
problem when load objects and textures impheris 59 0
by impheris
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