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Dark souls 1 DingoFPS 452 9
by DingoFPS
Path Of Exile HUD wellerson72 202 1
by QuiteReluctant
texture glitches in Warband and Arma II+DLC Kannibal 70 0
by Kannibal
CS:GO Gh0stBro 446 8
by Kannibal
[DOUBTS] HiAlgo SWITCH does not work in Warframe! HiFall3n 291 2
by QuiteReluctant
Help to change button for switch iusk 614 2
by QuiteReluctant
Hialgo SWITCH on Mod Organizer for F:NV moonyvilan 178 2
by moonyvilan
Bugsplat League of legends Rozzoa 377 0
by Rozzoa
can i do switch forever or it will break my computer or cause bill ninjaX172 113 1
by HiAlgoBoost
SWITCH not working in bad company 2 samo necural 136 1
by QuiteReluctant
HiAlgo Wont Work PredaFran 461 4
by QuiteReluctant
HookDll.dll not found, quitting... vaalian 464 4
by vaalian
HiAlgoSWITCH doesn't work on Heroes of the Storm Khonex 343 1
by HiAlgoBoost
Warface Rozzoa 369 1
by HiAlgoBoost
Help with League of Legends merihr 193 0
by merihr
Loads but has no Effect on Morrowind(MGSO 3.0) Destin41 279 1
by siskin
No Text in Dark Souls 1 Destin41 402 4
by Destin41
SWITCH crash -- d3dx9_43.dll is not found QuiteReluctant 525 2
by QuiteReluctant
Aion Anewien 157 0
by Anewien
directx rockbionicle 194 1
by rotknight
Elder Scrolls online? Greshloc 273 2
by hialgo
Dark Souls shader issues dephius 697 9
by hialgo
Tomb Raider(2013) Steam black screen Gh0stBro 250 1
by HiAlgoBoost
HiAlgo developers please help me with this problem! Rosso12 291 6
by Rosso12
Can't get it work with Ghost Recon:Future Soldier Bule 416 11
by HiAlgoBoost
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