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Call Of Duty Black Ops I And Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II Tiagu 47 2
by Tiagu
Dota 2 (Steam) not working. Agota 78 4
by QuiteReluctant
Warframe not working with HiAlgo Chill swaggatronprime 107 1
by QuiteReluctant
Surface Pro 3 and League of Legends cwood039 419 6
by cwood039
Chill with gamepad issues Finnen 291 2
by Finnen
Chill Injector does not pop up when I open Skyrim? rebeccaaallyson 1,402 7
by Finnen
causes ground texture streteching in skyrim sidfu 229 3
by HiAlgoBoost
Skyrim CHILL Problems dennis20014 528 3
by QuiteReluctant
Hialgo Chill wont run when i launch The Forest tenaciousXbird 274 1
by QuiteReluctant
graphics problem sten 274 1
by QuiteReluctant
No Overlay for Planetside 2 GnashingOfBeaks 464 2
by GnashingOfBeaks
[chill + boost][skyrim] Sudden invisible texture displaying. AyinApholion 346 2
by QuiteReluctant
Unturned is not affected Dr. Somgosomgo 689 10
by QuiteReluctant
L.A. Noire Glitches TheHeroGothamDeserves 416 8
by TheHeroGothamDeserves
Watermark xandsterlol 1,178 2
by xandsterlol
Hialgo CHILL bug in Kingdom of Amalur vey 461 1
by HiAlgoBoost
d3d9 (Direct3DCreate9Ex missing) iKaju 3,940 2
by iKaju
Move graph bunny 535 5
by HiAlgoBoost
Disable for non game programs bunny 456 4
by bunny
Hi Algo Chill crashes Skyrim blacktigo 2,411 11
by HiAlgoBoost
HiAlgo CHILL is out! Bystander 721 1
by Bystander
Hialgo chill won't start blacktigo 1,068 9
by blacktigo
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