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141 37 HialgoBoost changes sensitivi...
by QuiteReluctant
BUMP UP FRAMERATE TO GET THROUGH TOUGH SPOTS OF THE GAME! Toggle the resolution from 100% to 50% with a click of a mouse, to get FPS boost.
857 143 Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition ...
by Rudi91
A smart framerate limiter that prevents CPU and GPU overheating (and subsequent performance loss). Coming soon!
109 22 Call Of Duty Black Ops I And ...
by Tiagu
Now supporting multiple games!
697 114 sound and loading bug
by Melodia
Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Skyrim
The first successful application of Hialgo BOOST technology, with more than 200,000 unique downloads from www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/15123.
379 77 HiAlgo boost 5.0 ingame LAG p...
by tindrli
Legacy HiAlgo BOOST -- Far Cry 3
Boost technology is already enjoyed by thousands of Skyrim gamers. Now adjusted for Far Cry 3. More games to come.
27 7 It crashes my game help
by AndretheGiant

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